Our next show is “The Living Room: a Night of One Acts,” a set of four one act (10-25 minute) plays from local women playwrights and directors!

The show will play under COVID-conscious conditions August 19-22. Location & further details will be announced soon.

Thursday, August 19th @7:30 p.m.

Friday, August 20th @ 7:30 p.m.

Sunday, August 22nd @2:30 p.m.

Please stay tuned here for additional information.

Play Synopses

Jar(ring) – Written & Directed by Leslie Barker, Winner of the 2020 MTA Adult Playwriting Contest

If you had a magical jar full of your favorite memories that allowed you to dive into the past whenever you wanted, would you use it? Hannah, a dreamer, and Joe, a realist, are stuck in quarantine together. Their life and love are starting to feel a little bit stale. After a quick journey through the greatest hits of their history, they must decide whether to cling to pieces of their fading past or to conquer the everyday ups and downs of right now.

Sailing – Written by Nora Katz, Directed by Rachel Glazer

Some people bravely face their problems and neuroses head-on. Other people imagine themselves as deckhands on 17th century galleons in some northern sea. Jenny is definitely one of the latter. Over the course of a single therapy session, Jenny begrudgingly goes on a journey into the depths of her imagination, desperate to find meaning. With Gaspard’s help and the looming possibility of confessing her feelings to Andrea, Jenny digs into the challenge of finding herself when everything else is falling apart.

The Ascension – Written & Directed by Katie Moss


A couple nearing retirement finds themselves in need of an extracurricular activity. Naturally, they decide to join a cult. Initiation begins, and hilarity ensues. But what will happen when it’s time for their ascension?

The Skillet – Written by Paula Herrington Ishee, Directed by Becca Larkin,
Previously performed at Black Rose Theatre, 2018

Slapstick comedy at its finest. Two friends are having a fun night in when they receive an unexpected visitor. A noisy neighbor stops by to see what all the fuss is about.

More information coming soon. Please reach out to info@uproartheatre.org with any questions! Hope to see you there!