Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Ridgeland, and yes, I’m still here. 🤪

What are your interests/hobbies/passions?

I’ve always been into the ARTS in some form or fashion. I studied music in college. And, since 2008, now – theatre is life!

What excites you? 

Alabama football! I’ve been bleeding Crimson as long as I remember.

Tell us a little bit about your theatre experience.

I’ve just about done it all with community theatre: acted, directed, stage managed, played in the pit orchestra, written shows, and worked concessions. I even owned my own dinner theatre company at one point.

How did you become involved with Uproar?

Katie and Becca both have done theatre with me before. They told me about their exciting idea to start a new theatre group to do more edgy programs and I’ve been hooked ever since. I first had the opportunity to stage manage for Uproar with Tipsy Bard.

What’s been the most memorable experience you’ve had with Uproar?

Working backstage for tipsy bard. What a great talented ensemble to work with.

What else should we know about you?

I have two babies – Henry (14 yr old dachshund) and Jupy (3 year old American bulldog/Dalmatian) that are the loves of my life. They keep me sane. I love people! The more diversity I have in my life, the more interesting it is.